21 Aralık 2017 Perşembe



"Cooking Around The world"

Proje hakkında Taking into account our wealthy Mediterranean diet, we have thought that this is a good point of departure to show some aspects of our culture, such as festivities and celebrations, taking as starting point some tipical food and recipes. We would like to share with other European schools, photos, videos and power points showing our traditions and culture. This project will carry out over this school year.


By means of this proyect we will develop in our pupil some key competences such us:
- Communication in foreign languages.
- Cultural expression.
- Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences and civic competence.
- Digital competence.
- Mathematical competence.
- Learning to learn.


We would like to share our information through the recipes we are going to cook in class and some we are going to bring of our homes when we organize and celebrate a special day or festivity, for example, Halloween, Autumn, Christmas.....We will show our tipical food and recipies in this dates as well as other traditions.


We would like to know other people from different places and countries and to learn more about how to use eTwinning.

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